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"The Des Moines, Iowa-based three-piece’s music is certainly nothing to laugh at, with its acrobatic guitars, Circadian drumming, and power-driven vocal harmonies. And yet at the same time, the band doesn’t want to distance themselves from the sounds and trappings of the psychedelic rockers before them."
- Kerrang!

"While expansive and patient, "Mirrors" — which will appear on the group's forthcoming LP, Monument — never lacks movement and intrigue. The riffs are contagiously filthy, headbangingly heavy, and set to a commanding beat that forms a steel backbone to the probing wails in the foreground. With distorted vocals that sound like they come from beneath a layer of grit and wrath, the track is a scorching entry in the halls of psych rock and stands out from the crowd with its unwillingness to sacrifice fury for exploration."
- Revolver Magazine

"Druids are one of those bands that I expect to be cropping up in more places over the next few years. Just from hearing their new single "The Whip," it's immediately clear that these guys are onto something special. "The Whip" sounds like early Mastodon slowed down, stripped out a lot of the weird sound effects, and maybe recruited Scott Kelly and full-time as their vocalist. It's a song that mixes stoner riffs with furious vocals perfectly, yet forges its own identity with massive drum breaks around the 2 minute mark and full-band unison lines toward the end that are sure to knock your teeth right to the back of your throat."
- Metal Injection


released April 19, 2019

All music & lyrics written by Druids
Produced by Brandon Darner
Engineered & Mixed by Micah Natera
Mastered by Doug Van Sloan
Artwork by Mark Facey


all rights reserved



DRUIDS Des Moines, Iowa

'MONUMENT' OUT 4.19.19 via The Company.

Formed in 2008, Druids set out to be heavy and loud. Influenced by classic metal and psychedelic rock, Druids found their groove in songwriting, becoming more focused and progressive.

April of 2019 sees their debut release, ‘Monument’, through Kansas City-based label, The Company.

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Track Name: New Breath
Speeding through dimensions
Controlling my breath
We’re quickly
Quickly escaping the horn
Running the passages
Tunnels within
I’m sinking
Sinking with the heptagons
I feel it in my mind
I need it
It's racing all the time
I feed it
Glow on the horizon
Collapses at once
Witness the dawn of creation
I feel it in my mind
I need it
It's racing all the time
I feed it
Some day you'll realize
It's reaping up inside
When differences align,
It's time.
Track Name: Iron Healer
Walk through the gate of consciousness
Stone floors drop from under you
Align the spirit with chakra
Body and night become one
Electric waves
Fall before your protector
My healer
I fear nothing at all
Meteors collide in nothingness
Creating technicolor rays
Landscapes collapse the horizon
Bracing vessels for the annular
Sifting through the heavy cosmic chaff
Shall we take another age from reality?
Electric waves
Fall under your protector
My Healer
I fear nothing at all
Cosmic arrows
Buried deep
In the temple
Iron and sleep
My Healer
I fear nothing at all
My Healer
I feel nothing at all
Track Name: Mirrors of Trigon
Show your eyes through curtains of gold
Will you capture the serpent?
Rake the irons deep in your mind
Feed the diamond what it desires
I am seeking true purpose
Free the blood trapped in his veins
Hide your eyes from curtains of gold
I am not your forgiver
You will pay for what you have done
Showing teeth to his master
Shadows swallow him whole
He is a labyrinth of mirrors and eyes
Reading scripts to the masses
Beholder of future
He’s awoken the prophet deep inside in her mind
Out of the sun, he'll rise
Honor the wind in his flight
Smoke will rise from the cavern
Slowly seeping the truth
Build the compass align with the sun and stars
Arrowsmen they must gather
Pyramidian crest
Form the shape of sacred geometric god
Out of the sun, he'll rise
Honor the wind in your flight
Arrows to skin, spirit fades
Fear what comes next, talisman
Bask in the rays above
Pray to the tide, when it comes
Wave turned to flame again
It carries you, to the end
Rest your mind and see
Colors in eyes, that seek
Visions of trigon, in dye
Mirrored to purify
Track Name: The Whip
Razor to tongue
Blistering Sun
Breathing the dust
Of the seasons
Master of none
Shielded from lust
Race for the blood
Of the henchmen
Send them back from whence they came
Whip in tow
Sharp in the air
Crack on the necks
Of betrayers
Who are they now?
Cowards laid waste
Leaving their vessels
For the vultures
Track Name: Shivast
Staring through miles of dark glass
At the end, cloaked in deep red
Hidden bull, oscillation
Tongue of flame, honors rebirth
After all that I've seen
After all that you've lived through
How can you bare the weight
When the winds are against you
Left to bleed on your own
Left to suffer the winter
How can you bare the cold
When the beast has betrayed her
I am nothing without her
Shivast holding the secret
Curtains hung from the sky
All her life she's been blackened
Golden beast lies behind
Waiting for absolution
Show me what it desires
Show me what it will kill for
Giving into the eye
As it lures you closer
I am nothing without her
Shivast holding the secret
Lost through visions of Yeyin
Found the creature in labyrinths
Taming the bull
In dreams of green
And gold
A paradigm
Shifting in space
And time

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